The Gardens of the Big Bend
The Gardens of the Big Bend showcase plants and landscaping methods best suited for our region.The gardens serve as a living laboratory to evaluate new plants and as a living classroom to demonstrate environmentally sound landscaping practices.  

All of this takes place in a beautiful setting of trees, shrubs, and planting beds linked by mulched paths.Trails and soon-to-be directory will lead to planned and existing research gardens showcasing crapemyrtle, magnolia, hydrangea and many other plants under study at the NFREC. 

Existing Gardens
 Planned Gardens
To serve as a living laboratory to evaluate new plants for gardeners, nursery growers and landscapers.

To promote garden plants adapted to regional landscapes.

To demonstrate environmentally-sound principles of landscaping.

To provide a beautiful and educational environment for students, visitors, and local/regional citizens.
The Gardening Friends of the Big Bend, Inc.
-Crapemyrtle Planting
-Discovery Garden
-Dry Garden
-Hardy Palm Garden
-Jurassic Garden
-Magnolia Garden
-Rose Garden
-Shade Garden
-Teaching Platform/Classroom
The possibilities
 are endless!

Please join us in developing

The Gardens 
of the 
Big Bend
-Heritage Garden-breaking ground in 2021!
-"New" Plant Showcase
-Garden of Tears (weeping plants)
-Mesozoic (from the age of the dinosaurs)
The Beginnings, 2009