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Our mission is to support and assist the faculty and staff of the University of Florida IFAS North Florida Research and Education Center (NFREC) - Quincy to accomplish their mission.  Our goals are to expand outreach by fostering research and providing educational programs through partnerships with community organizations, schools and the horticulture industry.  To organize and participate in:
  • Special Events in support of the NFREC Center
  • Routine garden maintenance and operation
  • Development of new and expanded public gardens
To generate additional resources to enhance our mission and goals including:
  • Soliciting donations, grants, and holding fund raising activities
  • Volunteering time, material and equipment

The Gardening Friends of the Big Bend, Inc.
Officers for 2013
Ben White, President
Charles Brasher, V.President
Donna Wright,Treasurer
Linda Gaskin, Secretary

Clara Skipper, Past President Kathy Carmichael, At large 
Edna Hussein, At large

Dr. Gary Knox, NFREC               Liaison
North Florida
Research and Education
University of Florida's Institute for Food and Agricultural Sciences Quincy

"The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies"

- Gertrude Jekyll
The Demonstration Gardens of the Big Bend
NFREC  Gardens and Plant Collections
  • Magnolia Garden
  • Hydrangea Garden
  • Crape Myrtle Garden
  • Native Florida Wildflowers
  • Ornamental Grass Garden
  • Ornamental Vine Collection
  • Camellia Garden
  • Perennial Trial Garden,
featuring hardy hibiscus
       and salvias
GFBB Benefits!
1. Early notification of special events.
2. Discount tickets to most sponsored events
3. Additional learning opportunities at the NFREC